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100% Organic

We use pesticide-free vegetables, which will feed our body with the essential micronutrients it needs, in its most natural state – no chemicals.

Freshly Pressed

Our juices are prepared at the minute you place an order. This means you are getting it fresh.

Superb Taste

Detox and veggie juices are so yummy your kids can't tell they are drinking veggies. Our recipe is one of our best selling point.

Healthy Meals

Enjoy healthy meals to go with your detox juices. Eating healthy outside is not a challenge anymore!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is detox?

    Detox, also known as cleanse, is the act of fasting or abstaining from your regular diet and relying on supplying your body with micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables such as the juices and meals sold by DetoxifyBar. Detox flushes out bodily toxins and gives it a reboot.
  • Why should I detox?

    Most of us sacrifice eating healthy meals for the quicker, more convenient calorie and toxin loaded fast food or instant meals. People need to take control of their body and give themselves a break from processed food. We need to start cleansing our body to flush out the harmful toxins from eating too much unhealthy food.
  • What is the right detox juice for me?

    Please visit each juice item from the main menu of this site to find out which target drinker we have in mind for every juice concoction we have.
    All detox juices of DetoxifyBar is good for everyone if taken on top of your regular diet, as a micronutrient supplement.
  • How many days should I detox?

    If it is your first time to go on detox, we recommend 3-5 days detox. To harvest more benefits of detox, we usually recommend number of days that you can tolerate.


  • Having tried various meal plan deliveries, I can say DetoxifyBar is the best from a health and flavor point of view. Packed with fruits, veggies, lean meat and fish, it's a great follow up to a juice cleanse.
  • It first scared me but after 3days detox my skin is lighter, improved bowel movement (restroom visits were more for pee during detox). I think doing this program monthly will really do our bodies a big favor. Until next month!
  • I tried a 1 day juice fast and the next morning my blood sugar level lowered from 300+ to 76! I'm so happy! I want to thank you for helping me manage it. Next time I will try the 3 day cleanse.
    CJ (, 16, Type1Diabetic
  • I was reluctant to detox or even drink any of it at first but I leaped to a 3 day light detox anyway. I snacked purely on DetoxifyBar meals for 3 days too. Though I battled a lot with caffeine craving, the great-tasting juices and meals made up for it. In the end of the program I feel more energized (gym and activities), and clear-minded for positive workplace results. Store staff are accommodating and they wear genuine smiles for all customers.
  • I have an earnest desire to get the best out of life, and who said that something healthy shouldn't taste good right? After much research and testing (and trust me I have tried A LOT haha) no brand has met the criteria I have set which are: variety, value for money, and benefits one would gain in sticking with the juicing program. Juicing and dining at DetoxifyBar turned into a healthy indulgence. If it were only possible to get all of your products for the rest of my life, it would be the best gift I could ever receive. Thank you for making my healthy habit a really enjoyable one.

    RUTH LACANILAO, 26, IT Helpdesk Associate
  • Did the 3 days detox to help manage my elevated blood-cholesterol level. DetoxifyBar's detox program taught me that clean eating can be both enjoyable and delicious. My staple food has changed for good. I see myself picking up more of the healthy stuff when grocery shopping. Haven't gone back to binge eating ever since, and shedding the pounds was indeed a bonus! Looking forward to my next detox cycle.
  • My husband and I have been trying to have another baby for more than a year but due to my PCOS, we knew it'll be a long way ahead. We went through a 3-day detox mainly last February to lose weight. I lost 9 lbs. and hubby lost 14 lbs and I just found out last week that I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Detox helped a lot not just for losing weight but also for overall cleansing. I am telling my friends about this. Thanks DetoxifyBar!
    FATIMA ANDREA NACPIL BUNAO, via DetoxifyBar Facebook Fanpage
  • In my recent APE at work, I was diagnosed with VENTRICULAR HYPERTROPHY, a Heart Disease that could lead to maintenance medication and operation, FATTY LIVER and HIGH CHOLESTEROL. I was at risk of not getting a certification to be fit to work. At the suggestion of some friends, I decided to undergo a 10 day Full Detox Cleanse from Detoxify Bar. After the detox I felt more energized than I have ever been in a long time. When I underwent another CBC, much to the amazement of my doctors, my cholesterol, SGPT, SGOT and creatinine levels all normalized. I cannot thank you enough! I am now "fit to work".
    MICHAEL ESPEÑA, IT Lead Consultant
  • After the holidays, I tried the 3-day detox program of Detoxify Bar. I really enjoyed the fresh juices that I consumed throughout its duration. Not only did I lose 8 lbs afterwards, my skin was glowing, I felt "cleaner" and stronger as well. Thank you so much Detoxify Bar for introducing this juice cleanse that is  beneficial and delicious at the same time!
    HON. MIGUEL "MIGZ" MAGSAYSAY, Councilor, Municipality of San Juan, La Union
  • Been juicing for almost 2 months now mostly for cleansing reasons, since I tend to eat out a lot with my team. I need to somehow offset my diet via cleansing. And since I do triathlon as a sport, I try to maintain a certain weight to keep my speed. I take the juices on weekdays that I don't train hard, at least 2x a week. I personally love the green vegan and berry flavors- very filling and you don't feel starved all day. Energy level is still up which i definitely need to sustain my work demands.
    CATH DAGHIGH, Procter & Gamble CBD Manager
  • I so love your juices and also your food. They are all so delicious plus very healthy. I have been drinking and eating your juices and food for nearly a month now, and I am going to continue it I'm sure, because my body is so used to it. I just want to thank you for this "detox bar", now i feel better and soon I'll be reaching my ideal weight. God bless DetoxifyBar!
    CLARE SERZO, Private Nurse
  • My journey towards weight loss was an uphill climb. I have been doing Zumba Fitness regularly for a year but has not reach my goal of major weight loss then I discovered DetoxifyBar through Instagram and whala! I got the perfect way to get back in shape after taking the 10 day detox package I felt better and lighter and my friends started to notice my weight loss after a month of maintenance, meaning after weekends I would cleanse for three days for a month.  It worked for me and the  bonus is the product tastes good . I continue my cleansing routine to this day. Thanks DetoxifyBar! You got me back in shape before I turn golden girl next year.
  • My experience with my detox program was great. Some hesitations at first for I always thought of juicing/detox/fasting as hunger mode and yet it turned out to be an effortless and happy experience for the juices are so good and filling! During my detox I was able to workout and attend my photo shoots-- no harm done on my schedule. After my first detox 2 months ago I started to go to DetoxifyBar Eastwood everyday for it changed me, my body and my outlook with my health and with the way I eat. I commend your friendly and knowledgeable staff! For me DetoxifyBar is the best by far among all juices in the market! DetoxifyBar the best!
    LUE REINE DE GUZMAN, Part time model, Crossfitter, Realtor
  • Started last September just for trial detox 3days then was extended for 12 days I lost 15lbs hahaha! From 165 to 150! Love the taste of Green & Red Vegan. From then on I make sure that at least once a month to have your detoxify juices. Thank you so much!
    LEA ALVAREZ, 35, Full Time Mom
  • I've tried juicing on my own and it was messy until I discovered DetoxifyBar through my friend Francine Prieto. I had an amazing 3 days experience. I felt instantly clean inside on day one and as i continued my journey to day 3, I lost 11 lbs. of unwanted pounds! Got cleansed and felt wonderful! Thank you DetoxifyBar for coming into my life!
    KAI PALOMARES, Retired Model, Businesswoman, Owner of Santino Marketing and Kaisan Hotfood
  • Last day of detox! Woot! I can feel the difference. Will definitely do this again! Thank you DetoxifyBar! Detox has never been this good. It was difficult due to no food intake, but the juices were yummy enough to forget about my hunger pangs!
  • I love your juices! I've tried other detoxes before but they weren't organic. Now I know the difference, it tastes so much better. It's easier to detox when the juice tastes good. Even my pamangkins love the taste. I'm gonna start doing this regularly.
    TERE ERENCIO, 31, Travel Agency Proprietor
  • Im so happy I tried the 5 day detox. I didnt think I would make it all the way. I was scared that not eating any solid food would make me weak, but i feel great! my blood pressure is down and I’ve never felt so much energy. Thank you DetoxifyBar!
    DANILO MATEO, 40, Cable Network Distribution
  • I wanted to lose weight and didn't know how. But with Detoxify Bar, self discipline, determination and eating right I've lost those inches and weight for good. My waist before detox is 38. After detox it became 34. I finally have my life back. Thank you Detoxify Bar! OMG! I am so happy!
    VARRY TUAZON, 26, Technical Support Professional
  • I was first introduced to the Lemon Detox of DetoxifyBar. It was a healthy and a safe way to shed off pounds and cleanse the stomach. I was on this for 2 weeks and I lost 25 pounds without feeling weak nor hungry. After I went through this procedure, my eating habits changed for the better.
    GABRI PANLILIO, Artist/Singer
  • I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer last January 16, 2013. DetoxifyBar did miracles for me. I discovered that juicing is perfect for me because it provides all the vitamins and minerals i need and much more. I am able to nourish my body with much needed essential nutrients without the discomfort that eating food causes. I feel better after my daily juice!
    Evangeline Eadie, 74, NSW, AU
  • Thank you detoxify bar for introducing me to your detox program and most importantly to your yummy and refreshing healthy juices that i and even my 4-year old daughter really love! It's not enough that we don't eat the wrong food, it is also important that we eat enough of the right ones! We can do that now with your juices!
    CHARLOTTE FRANCO, 34, Legislative Staff Officer, Office of Sen. Chiz Escudero
  • I can perform in sports even if I am on detox. Red Vegan Detox is my secret to pulling off this trick. In fact, I feel more energetic when I take Red Vegan before a game!
    SAM TORRES, Team Captain, CSA Volleyball Team