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Red Vegan Detox

  • Stimulate & Energize

    Reawaken the body and realize its fullest potential by maximizing the conversion of nutrient intake to kinetic energy. Designed for athletes and those with an active lifestyle or for anybody who needs an extra boost in stamina and vigor during their detox. Unlike caffeine or artificial stimulants that give short spurts of, the Red Vegan provides you with a steady and sustained higher energy level that fuels you throughout the day. Power and robust vitality the all-natural way.
  • Apple - High source of quercetin which combats stress and fatigue.

    Carrot - Anti-aging juice efficient in liver cleansing as well as immune system boosting and vision clarity.

    Lemon - Rich in flavonoids and naturally helps in dissolving gallstones, calcium deposits, intestinal worms and kidney stones.

    Beet - Great source of energy with betalain anti-oxidants known to promote detoxification at cellular levels.

    Cucumber - Ultimate hydration with high silicon and sulfur content promotes healthy skin and hair and joints.

The statements contained herein have not been reviewed or approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs nor do we in any way allude to medicinal benefits.