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Orange Vegan Detox

  • Nourish & Protect

    Breathe new life and vitality into your body. Combat fatigue and replenish depleted micronutrients where it is most important, the cellular level. Rich in folate, this drink does wonders for cardiovascular health and is the perfect drink for fetal development. A delicious and naturally sweet medley of fruit and vegetable goodness, this soothing Omega-3, protein and carbohydrate packed super drink keeps you satiated and in top condition.
  • Carrot - Anti-aging juice efficient in liver cleansing as well as immune system boosting and vision clarity.

    Pear - Hypoallergenic fruit that is an excellent source of folate and natural dietary fiber. Helps in cooling down the throat and is known to alleviate cough and phlegm.

    Spinach - Highest in vegetable protein. Promotes bone health as well as healthy brain function and nervous system, aids in the flushing out colon toxins. Protects the stomach against ulcers.

    Celery - A great anti-inflammatory agent used for centuries to treat bladder and fungal infections.

    Cucumber - Ultimate hydration with high silicon and sulfur content promotes healthy skin and hair and joints.

    Romaine Lettuce - Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene and vitamin C that prevents oxidation of cholesterol.

    Lemon - Rich in flavonoids and naturally helps in dissolving gallstones, calcium deposits, intestinal worms and kidney stones.

The statements contained herein have not been reviewed or approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs nor do we in any way allude to medicinal benefits.