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Gold Detox

  • Rebuild & Fortify

    Naturally strengthen and boost your body's first line of defense against everyday stress and pollutants from the environment. Enjoy mother’s trusted concoction made even more potent in its raw form without honey. Loaded with protein and fiber from organic chia seeds, feel full and cleanse your digestive tract while instantly and safely boost your immune system with this golden juice we refer to as our magic potion.

    Only Php 220 per bottle.
  • Ginger - Anti-coagulant which reduces your risk of atherosclerosis. Trusted remedy for cough and colds and is also known to effectively treat mild pain and muscle aches associated with fever.

    Chia Seeds - Highly packed with omega-3 acids known to promote brain health and help lower hypertension. It is a wonderful source of protein without the cholesterol.

The statements contained herein have not been reviewed or approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs nor do we in any way allude to medicinal benefits.