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ur family’s passion for living a healthy lifestyle over the years, creating a variety of vegetable detox concoctions and preparing healthy meals to go with it, is the main source of inspiration in putting up this business. We believed, we experienced and we benefitted from this new lifestyle. Now we want to share this passion, to introduce and encourage Filipinos to embrace this healthy lifestyle as well.

Detoxify Bar is a place for them to pick up their healthy refreshing drink, or even dine in to eat from a wide variety of meals without having to do a calorie count or having to worry if it would ruin their diet.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: people have to feed their body’s nutritional needs to sustain their extremely demanding lifestyles. We aim to meet those needs by providing a place to enjoy REAL HEALTHY beverages and food packed with the micronutrients your body needs, because we don’t aim to be skinny, we aim to be healthy!

Take the plunge with Detoxify Bar’s line of healthy fresh pressed juices and food that will keep you feeling healthy, fresh and energized like never before! Detoxify Bar will re- introduce yourself to your body, to a healthier you!