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6 Lose-Weight Tricks That Will Probably Surprise You


1. Mirror, mirror on the wall

mirrorResearch says taking a long hard look at your self in front of a mirror before reaching out for that craved unhealthy snack increases self-awareness and may lead you to convince your self into choosing the healthier snack. Would positioning your full-body mirror to where you stash your snacks help?

2. Your credit is good, but try cash

A university in New York proved that students who do not have credit cards chose the healthier food during their lunch and breaks, picking up more of the veggies and lesser of the sweets. Surprised? Research also showed that it also proved true to adults who are in the working class.

3. Arrange your fridge

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Common busy people have the tendency to get what they usually see first as they open the fridge. The trick is to stack the low-fat drinks, organic veggie juices, fruit snacks on the top and middle layer of the fridge where the eyes lead first. Hide the guilt-full food and sugary items down back. If you are reading this and you want to help a room mate or a family lose weight, do this for them.

4. Use small dining plates.


Using a small plate and seeing it overflowing with food sends brain signals that you are already “pigging out” or that you already got enough or a plateful. This would limit your frequent servings in a given meal.

5. Do it with a friend.

One of our store signage says: “Real friends bring friends to DetoxifyBar.” Truth is, it is more effective for someone to successfully lose weight and achieve health goals when a friend or buddy is involved. Ask a friend to track your progress versus doing it solo. Try it!

6. Sniff. Sniff often.

A Chicago study proved that the more people sniff an apple, banana, or a favorite fruit made them less hungry. Sniffing actually tricks the brain that you are actually eating the item. Even if this trick did not work and you end up eating the fruit, that is still a guilt-free right?




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