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How Toxic Are You?

Though we always say "listen to your body" when deciding if you need to detox or when to do the next cycle of detox, it is still interesting to see it based on symptoms that your body manifests.

DetoxifyBar and its Affiliates do not allude to medical benefits. If symptoms still persist after repetitive detox, please consult a doctor.

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1) I suffer from frequent aches and pains in my joints.
2) I easily get tired. My energy levels are lower than usual.
3) Skin breakouts (pimples, rashes, eczema) occur more frequently.
4) I find it increasingly difficult to maintain concentration.
5) I suffer from frequent constipation.
6) I suffer from frequent insomnia.
7) I suffer from frequent bloating and water retention.
8) I suffer from frequent dizzy spells and headaches.
9) I suffer from cellulite.
10) My hair texture is dull and dry.

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