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The Joe Cross Experience

DSC_6544There are a lot of little personality imprints of being born and raised a catholic. One such effect, whether consciously or subliminally is the significance I give to signs. I wouldn’t say I was outwardly waiting for a sign, in fact I had thought I’d outgrown my penchant for looking for some sort of divine signals of affirmation before making major decisions. So I guess you can imagine my delightful shock this self-respecting fairly attractive mom felt when she found out that her juicing Idol, THE Joe Cross was coming to Manila. I don’t care what all the scientists and brainiacs say about divine signs, for my husband and I, his arrival to this country just as we were finalizing the nitty-gritty details of Detoxify Bar was a bright green light from the heavens telling us, Go!

Short of doing double backflip somersaults or dousing myself with gasoline and chanting outside of Joe Cross’ hotel room (although if it came to that I was gonna let my husband do it), another miracle occurred for us when we got invited to meet and greet the man during his film showing of “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” (the film that inspired us to juice and cleanse in the first place).

DSC_6563After the showing, Joe pulled me and my husband aside and actually gave us sound advice on how to run Detoxify Bar. A lot of what Detoxify Bar is today was born from that fateful dialogue. In retrospect, meeting Joe Cross wasn’t only a sign… it was destiny.






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