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Beach Body On A Budget

Now that summer is here and you have made reservations to resorts you’ve always dreamed of, it’s time for you to tone up and achieve that elusive beach body! You don’t need to spend a fortune on workout machines, diet fads, or gym memberships to have a beach-ready body for the s
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What do you call that diet thing again?

Summer is here and many of us are already bent on getting that hot beach bod to show off. A good physique is just one of the many benefits of being healthy, a long term result of these three combined: an engaging fitness program, cool healthy habits, and of course, proper diet. All th
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The Joe Cross Experience

There are a lot of little personality imprints of being born and raised a catholic. One such effect, whether consciously or subliminally is the significance I give to signs. I wouldn’t say I was outwardly waiting for a sign, in fact I had thought I’d outgrown my penchant for looking f
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