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The After Cleanse

Your New, Healthier Life, Post-Detox

Congratulations! You’ve successfully undergone a detox. Your body now feels 100% of the benefits that comes from juice fasting. On the outside: your skin looks radiant and your cheeks have that healthy flush that no cosmetic blusher can imitate and you’ve lost a few pounds and inches from your body. What’s more important is the positive change on the inside: your blood is cleansed, your stomach and colon lining is cleansed and your liver and kidneys have been purged of harmful toxins. It’s like you’ve given your engine a complete overhaul and your now raring to join the Indie-something or the Formula-so-and-so (this is what I get for using macho metaphors). Bottomline is, you’ve rebooted your body and its never felt this great! Your first thought is, “wow cleansing and flushing the body of toxins makes me this fabulous… I never wanna get a single ounce of toxin in me again, ever!” And this would be great… in a perfect world, but unfortunately in this one that we inhabit that’s just not possible.

We have to face the fact that everyday life, even merely breathing will reintroduce toxins to our body, the trick is, to lessen this as much as possible. Detoxifying has given us a clean slate and a healthy lifestyle will sustain this cleanliness. Sounds good and easy huh? But if you’re like me, that could be easier said than done! Who are we kidding? Temptation is everywhere! That’s why I recommend a more realistic approach to a healthier lifestyle, let’s stop kidding ourselves with hard and fast rules, because the stricter they are, the more likely a self-respecting fairly attractive mom like me will break them. I’ve discovered that the key to a healthier lifestyle is common sense, yes literally. And here they are:

  • Try your best to go Organic. I know its costly, but believe me it’s worth it! It’s hard to go all-organic all the time, but hey remember if it’s not organic, you’re eating pesticides
  • Cut down on salt. It raises blood pressure, and my gosh it causes bloating and water retention (we all know we can do without that ladies
  • Eat small frequent meals ideally every three hours to keep your metabolism at its peak. (an apple, organic peanut butter and jelly sandwich and even unsalted nuts are great) carry around little zip-lock baggies of snacks in your bag and set alarm intervals on your phone to remind you every 3 hours
  • Minimize your consumption of white carbs (rice, white bread and most pasta) I know this is difficult especially for us Asians so if you must, go for brown carbs like brown and red rice, wheat bread and pasta
  • Consume lots of quality protein. Chicken, fish and beef. Always go for the lean cuts and trim of any visible fat (no-brainer)
  • Eat lots of vegetables. (if you’ve just successfully undergone a detox, then you know that veggies are your best friend!)
  • get some exercise. If you’re not the gym type, get your workout by using the stairs, parking in the farthest slot, or volunteer to wash all the cars in your neighborhood, just get moving! Your body will thank you for it.


It’s not easy maintaining this new healthy lifestyle but we are here for you. That’s why aside from providing you detox juices, we’ve opened up our kitchen to you for organic and healthy meals that aid and compliment healthy living. I’m not claiming to be a holier-than-thou health expert, ‘coz hey, I’m human, I sometimes sneak in a burger or two, or three…. but the point is, you’ve got to make a conscious effort to change for the better. Day by day it gets easier until living healthy becomes second nature. If you have kids, think of it as showing them by example how to live better. If you don’t,  well then think of that hottie that inspires you to have kids (haha). But better yet, think of yourself, after feeling this great about your body, do you wanna go back to what it was before? I didn’t think so.