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    SOLAR NEWS CHANNEL | Solar DayBreak | The Detox Lifestyle: Detoxifying is probably one of the most common diets followed by many. But what exactly does "detoxifying" do to your body? Pia Bonalos tells the benefits of this lifestyle in this report. Watch
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    ASIAN JOURNAL SAN DIEGO | How Pinay Mom Got Rich from 'Gulay Juice' Read more

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    THE DAILY INQUIRER | Going Organic by Dolly Anne Carvajal | Since I’ve always been a night owl, it was a welcome break to attend the soft opening of Detoxify Bar’s new branch in Tuscany, McKinley Hill (Taguig City). A booze-free party, for a change! Read more

    THE DAILY TRIBUNE | Lifestyle | The ‘juice’ on detox: Even without Anne Curtis mentioning that she has been on a juice cleanse diet recently, juicing is already considered as one of the major food trends that took off in Metro Manila this year. Popularized by local celebrities whose glowing recommendations of a healthy way to lose weight fast had many weight-watchers following suit, juicing began in earnest a year or so ago. For Joy Kristine Torres, however, juicing was a matter of life, not a lifestyle trend. Read more

    PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER | Lifestyle | No alcohol in this bar–just pure, organic veggies: DetoxifyBar, already popular with growing list of celeb customers, aims to educate what juicing really is. Read more

    BUSINESS MIRROR | Looking to do a natural detox? Detoxify Bar ( offers organic juice cleanses that introduce pure micronutrients into the body as accumulated toxins are expelled, mostly from fat cells. The result is a slimmer body and cleansed kidneys and liver, the body’s “toxin prisons. Read more

    BREAKFAST MAG | April 2014 | "Get your juice on!" by Harmony Adizo

    ENTREPRENEUR MAG | April 2014 | "It's Good For You" by Toni Antiporda

    PHILIPPINE STAR | October 2014 | "Let's Eat" mini magazine pullout

    PHILIPPINE STAR | August 2014 | "Choose To Be Healthy" Lifestyle Section by Joy Angelica Subido

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    CHOOSE PHILIPPINES | Detoxify Bar And That Thing Called Detox | Many eons ago, the word detox was very much associated with a drug addict undergoing a process to rid his/her body of toxins and harmful substances. Nowadays, the same word and definition still apply but those who are getting into detox programs are not what you can call drug junkies or substance abusers. Read more

    ONLYVIC | Seeing Through Recycled Bottles | During this time, a friend of his partner who owns Detoxify Bar suggested for them to do alternative healing through vegetable detox concoctions. Read more

    THE FLAVOR CHEST | Detoxify Bar: Drink Yourself To Health | We live in a day and age where various sources of toxins surround us everyday that it takes very little effort for us to get sick. Getting well on the other hand, seem to take forever. Chronic fatigue, insomnia, rashes, and headaches are just some of the major symptoms that there are toxins in one's body.Read more

    DLIST.PH | I've never really been the type that would rave about anything healthy. Whenever I hear people talk about the supposed health benefits of working out or whatever new diet craze there is, my mind shuts down and wanders off to a utopia where people can eat whatever they want and laze around all day long without being judged.Read more

    GRETA's JUNKYARD | I think it’s pretty understandable that some people find it a struggle to eat and drink healthy—luckily, I’m one of those who find it easy because of my genuine love for fruits, veggies, and fresh juices (I have my mom to thank for this). I’m also addicted to the feeling of keeping my body healthy, because when you have a healthy body, it’s much easier to work and be productive.Read more

    AiQUIZA | Last Saturday, Detoxify Bar launched their first franchise in Shangri-La Plaza. Known for their delicious and healthy drinks and food options, Detoxify Bar makes staying fit and healthy convenient for everyone. And what better way to do that than by opening shop in one of the popular malls in the metro?Read more

    PEPE SAMSON | Fitness junkies and health-conscious folks would be delighted to find out that Detoxify Bar, the first-ever organic juice bar in the country, has opened down South in Westgate Alabang!Read more

    WILDFLOWER | Today, I underwent Detoxify Bar's 1-Day Cleansing program. Detoxify Bar is all about helping people to live healthier lifestyles which is precisely what caught my attention. Fast food is always around the corner which means that toxic chemicals keep entering our bodies. A good detox is needed to help our bodies regain what was lost and develop what is there…Read more

    THE LITTLE EXTROVERT | Juicing is the fastest way in providing your body nutrients and rebuilding your immune system. It’s for cleansing. There are so many detox programs which can help you lose weight. I’ll tell you, once in a while, we need this. If you can’t create your own recipe, Detoxify Bar is here for you. They offer affordable detox programs…Read more

    MOM KATS NOTES | Out of the many stores that sell detoxify juice, I choose Detoxify Bar because they were the most attentive to me as a first time customer. AJ, the first guy from the store who took my call, was very patient and courteous in answering all my questions and concerns regarding detox and their products. It is also great that they have several landline and mobile numbers that I can call to inquiry or to make my order… Read more

    RARE VANITY | One Day Cleansing at DetoxifyBar | People are always finding ways to be fit nowadays.  Run marathons are held almost every month.  Thre are a lot of healthy restos popping out left and right.  Then now, juicing is a fad! I really want to go back to the gym.  But I know myself too well.  Truth be told, I'm lazy to exercise.  And yes, this is coming from an athlete back in college.  Yes, I'd do stretches and all that to warm up.  But exercising for like an hour straight?  Nah-uh. But as the BIG day approaches, I gotta force myself to live a healthier lifestyle.  So, I finally gave in and tried juicing… Read more

    PEPE SAMSON | Here's What I Really Think About DetoxifyBar And Juicing | Just when you thought the greasy ramen and the sugary Cronut of trends past would totally obliterate mankind, a new food concept has joined the bandwagon. Juicing, the process of extracting the nutrients from a vegetable or fruit through manual or mechanical means, has steadily become popular in the Philippines, a reflection of a sudden consciousness towards fitness... Read more

    ABS-CBN NEWS | How Pinay mom got rich from 'gulay juice' | MANILA, Philippines – Aspiring for a healthy lifestyle for her son was what drove a Filipina entrepreneur to put up a juice bar. Joy Torres said she started making vegetable smoothies after her son, Matthew, was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. Read more

    A SLICE OF PATTIE | Detoxify Bar : Treating My Body To A Well-Deserved "Vacation" | Juicing for Detoxification is fast becoming a trend now and it's all over social media. Everyday my Facebook and Instagram are flooded with posts on what juice they are having that day or what brand they are endorsing. I have been juicing and smoothie-ing at home for about 2 years now (way before the whole trend started) and am very pleased to see how this has become so mainstream already. Read more

    THE LIFESTYLE HUB | Detoxify Bar: The Leading Organic Juice Cleansing Brand Opens In McKinley Hill | I just shared to friends that I am interested to try juice cleansing. Quite expectedly, I was asked if I was serious about it for I need to gain weight and not lose some. Blame it to this hungry-look obsessed generation, the common misconception by most of us in juice cleansing is that it's designed primarily for slimming. Read more

    SPOTLIGHT THEATER & EVENTS | ANTM’s Allison Harvard and Local Celebrities Grace Detoxify Bar – McKinley Launch | It was truly a star-studded event when America’s Next Top Model Favorite Allison Harvard and other local celebrities graced the Detoxify Bar Launched last March 23, 2014 at Tuscany  McKinley Hill, Taguig City. Hardly seven months since its first branch opened in Eastwood, Technohub, Detoxify Bar fame spread like fire as soon its stores are jam-packed with customers and has a long wait-list of clients. Read more

    OUINE’s EVENTS COORDINATION | How the DETOXIFY BAR Can Help You Have a Fab and Healthy Party and/or Spa Party | Okay, in the McKinley Branch if you want to have a small gathering go ahead, but they informed me (through phone call) you can’t reserve the place, it’s more of a walk-in thing. You can dine there but they can’t book the place for you. Read more

    WHEN IN MANILA | Parties | Detoxify Bar Now Open at Mckinley Hill, The Fort! | The star-studded launch was such a success! It’s easy to see why so many celebrities have openly joined the healthy diet and lifestyle bandwagon – it just works! I personally find the juicing experience to be an entirely holistic one – from the moment you pop the cap off Detoxify Bar’s juice bottles and get a whiff of the raw mixture of fruits and veggies, to how you feel sufficiently full even after just downing a bottle, to the noticeably refreshed and cleansed feeling you get after, Detoxify Bar’s cold-pressed juices is a great means of giving your body a breather from all the impurities it is exposed to.Read more

    WHEN IN MANILA | Eat | The year 2013 has been a witness to numerous trends and countless people have undyingly wanted to try each, one of which is the juicing, or the “cleansing diet”. When In Manila, let me introduce to you the FIRST ORGANIC JUICE BAR in the country which serves freshly-pressed juices matched with flavorful organic meals at Detoxify Bar at Eastwood City! Read more

    WHEN IN MANILA | Taking the Juice Cleanse Challenge with Detoxify Bar | Read more