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Healthy Holiday Eating

This holiday season, you might be resistant to hear diet advice on calorie restriction as you might feel that you have less strength to fight the temptation of indulging into unhealthy foods served at parties.

have a conscious decision of what you will eat within the day

One important reminder this holiday is just to have a conscious decision of what you will eat within the day, before and after the party.

If there will be a party tonight, better to plan what you will eat for the first two meals. Also, ensure to have your doze of nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Here is an example of meals with less than 500 kcal but packed with nutrients:


1 serving of Garden Fresh Salad

1 bottle of Red Vegan Detox
detoxifybar-drink-redvegan copySOLOweb


1 serving of Vegetarian Filling

1 bottle of Lemon Detox
detoxifybar-drink-lemon copySOLOweb


Tips for surviving the holidays without packing on extra pounds:

  1. Drink a lot of water.
  2. You can allow yourself to take a little portion of everything from the dining table during a party.
  3. Manage the total caloric intake within 24 hours. If you had been to a party, be mindful of what to eat during your next meal.
  4. Make sure to engage into at least 30-minute exercise to shred excess calories.


Enjoy the holiday without giving out a healthy eating pattern!

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