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Full Story: Bunds Eadie

I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer last January 16, 2013 and was immediately prescribed to undergo chemotherapy. After a couple of sessions though, the oncologist ceased the chemo treatmemts as they were deemed ineffective for my case. As days progressed, I lost appetite until it came to the point where ingesting even a just a bit of food would leave me nauseous. I began taking medications to improve my appetite but they all had little or no effect.

To our delight and surprise, it did miracles for me.

This was when DetoxifyBar introduced me to juicing. Since nothing else seemed to be working, my husband and I decided to give it a try. To our delight and surprise, it did miracles for me. I discovered that juicing is perfect for me because it provides all the vitamins and minerals I need and much more. I am able to nourish my body with much needed essential nutrients without the discomfort that eating food causes.

I feel better after my daily juice!

Evangeline Eadie, 74 years old from New South Wales, Australia

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