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You absorb huge amounts of nutrition as pure micronutrients are introduced to your body during the juice detox. Since it is in liquid form and virtually free of fiber, the micronutrients are quickly processed and absorbed into your system (this is why it is important that during this time, no solid food is consumed). While on detox, the body removes and expels the accumulated toxins that has been stored inside of you. Can you guess where these toxins were stored? Most are stored in fat cells! This is why after a successful detox, the most noticeable side effect is the slimming down of the body. Other toxin prisons in our bodies are the liver and kidneys where alcohol and toxins from substances such as medication are filtered. The detox will give these organs a thorough spring cleaning.


It is a good idea to plan your detox on a normal or uneventful period. For obvious and practical reasons, avoid periods where you might suddenly be sent on a business trip or where there is a tendency to celebrate or dine out with family and friends. Once you have decided on the date, it is a good idea to let everyone that you interact with on a daily basis know that you are undergoing a juice cleanse. They are more likely to be supportive and refrain from inviting you out for food and drinks.

One day prior to your detox, help both your body and mind by eating only light meals such as fruits, vegetables and soup. Try to avoid meat and dairy products, as well as alcohol. Get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before and for the entire duration of the detox because lack of sleep will trigger false hunger.


The detoxification process strictly prohibits solid food intake and drinks with caffeine and alcohol. Detoxify Bar’s Full Detox Package includes 5 signature juices of your choice, an organic  detox tea and an organic laxative tea which are to be consumed as follows:

  • Breakfast = 1 bottle of juice
  • AM Snack = 1 bottle of juice
  • Lunch = 1 bottle of juice + 1 cup organic detox tea
  • PM Snack = 1 bottle of juice
  • Dinner = 1 bottle of juice
  • Bedtime = 1 cup organic laxative tea


You are encouraged to drink lots of water throughout the day. A glass of water should accompany each bottle of juice as well. The juice variant you drink should be dictated by your activity during that time (eg. have a Red Vegan for lunch if you plan on hitting the gym after lunch). Our Detox Consultant will help you decide on the juices suited to your individual need. You can switch juices throughout your detox to break monotony.

We are here to support you all throughout! Feel free to contact us for questions and advice. Thank you for choosing Detoxify Bar and for taking the plunge to a healthier you!


Rest assured that there are no harmful side effects to a juice fast. There are a few instances however, wherein people undergoing a detox/cleanse experience what we call a “cleansing crisis” (feeling lightheaded or experience bouts of fatigue). Cleansing crisis is when the body reacts to the sudden release of stored toxins and is actually a sign that the detox is working. This phenomenon usually only occurs to clients with above normal and unusually high toxicity. In fact 90% of our clients report that during the days of the actual detox they gradually became more energetic, focused and that they were actually able to accomplish more at work during this period. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, we recommend that you consult your physician before undergoing a detox.