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Carob Nutmilk

  • Our luxuriant gluten free Indulgence series featuring rich and decadent flavors to delight the palate. These carefully perfected drinks are made from select ingredients to provide you with your favorite desserts in a bottle. Though these treats are not part of the detox programs, feel free to indulge your sweet tooth cravings anytime without the guilt!

    An exquisitely rich gluten-free drink that gives you the flavor of chocolate from carob pods! Carob has 0 calories from fat and cholesterol, making this carob-almond combination a drink rich in protein and a healthier alternative to chocolate. This wonder plant helps in blood-sugar regulation and is rich in insoluble fiber which aids in lowering cholesterol while the almond nutmilk base make this delicious drink completely dairy free.

    Php 165 only
  • Carob - A good source of selenium which is essential in maintaining healthy thyroid function. It is high in calcium and protein and low in fat making it a healthy superfood.

    Almonds - Helps prevent heart disease by lowering low density cholesterol and protecting artery walls from damage. Also aids in regulating blood sugar and insulin levels especially after meals.