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Full Story: Bunds Eadie

I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer last January 16, 2013 and was immediately prescribed to undergo chemotherapy. After a couple of sessions though, the oncologist ceased the chemo treatmemts as they were deemed ineffective for my case. As days progressed, I lost appetite until it
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The Joe Cross Experience

There are a lot of little personality imprints of being born and raised a catholic. One such effect, whether consciously or subliminally is the significance I give to signs. I wouldn’t say I was outwardly waiting for a sign, in fact I had thought I’d outgrown my penchant for looking f
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My first time

Like the very first time you ride a bicycle, one is bound to always remember their very first detox experience. Years later and many more times after, you consider yourself a pro and laugh at the awkwardness of your first ride. At first you are scared and unsure, you are aware of the
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Taking the plunge

When people ask me about the story behind the inception of Detoxify Bar, I find myself unable to give a ready reply because unfortunately I don’t have a dazzling and astounding story that would spark worldwide inspiration. I mean, I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night bathed in
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