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Aubrey Miles: 10 Tips To Be A Hot Momma

Motherhood is a beautiful thing, it is the ultimate celebration of femininity and womanhood. So why do most women view it as a their inevitable transformation from beauty to blah? Wake up ladies! It’s all in the mind! Stop using your kids as an excuse to being the fabulous hot momma that you should be! Make parenthood work for you, not against you. We’ll teach you how.

Aubrey Miles, an  empowered, inspiring, and celebrated fitness mom starts her day at 7AM, preps her kids’ baon (school snacks), hits the gym, goes back to take her kids to school, attends to her business, eats healthy lunch-on-the-go, picks up kids and goes back to attending to her business. This is her daily grind and it only changes when she has showbiz or commercial-work related dealings. In between days, she schedules salon visits and home service massage, dates with her husband Troy, leisure and business trips in and out of the country. Her lone secret is, really, time management. She usually maps out her schedule on a weekly basis.

How does she do all those you ask? Here are her tips to being a hot momma:

1. Clear your mind.

Start your day free from negative thoughts. Be thankful that you are still pretty, healthy and sexy! No matter how stressful your day may be, let go and release all excess baggage before going to bed.


2. Start your day with a smile.

“Smiles are contagious, and I give it to everyone for free; I do not limit smiles to my family members but extend smiles to the yayas and drivers in my house, my neighbors included. Smiling spreads positivity and can lift someone’s day” Aubrey smilingly said.


3. Make a plan/goal.

Failing to plan is planning to fail, as a famous saying goes. Surprises may come along the way but don’t sweat it, embrace them as added spice to your original plan.


4. Exercise.

Hitting the gym is part of Aubrey’s daily grind. And if that is not fitspiration, then you may need glasses.

“I have been into working out since age 13, so this is something that is natural to me. I can tell you that weight-training or lifting weights works for me but I will never claim it will be the best for everyone. Choose a workout that works for you and stick to it.”


5. Time for kids/each kid.

Aubrey insists to spend equal amounts of time for each kid. There is no one-size-fits-all when dealing with children. As they grow older, they start to show interests different from each other, discovering their individualities. Let’s just make sure we are there in their journey of growing up.


6. Time for your partner.

Schedule a time for you to be the carefree young woman he once dated. Remind him why he fell head over heels over you! Be prepared to make the first move at times. Take the initiative to plan your dates, he might appreciate it more than you think.


7. Time for friends & relatives.

Being a mom shouldn’t mean the end of your social life.

“Spending time with friends and relatives keeps me feeling young and updated from the happenings outside the bounds of home.” says Aubrey.

“Whenever some friends would invite me for rounds of drinks, yes I drink in moderation but I would like to share this trick: when you are starting to feel the alcohol kicking in, drink water to flush it out.” she added.


8. Work smart.

There is a big difference in working hard versus working smart. Don’t be the workaholic person who doesn’t not have time for other aspects of life.


9 . Eat smart & detox.

Aubrey says “There is a rule I preach about this: if it makes you healthy, eat it. I am not in the position to say what is good for you to eat. What is important is you know what is healthy for you.

Go on a detox once in a while, you will know when you need it once you have experienced it. Do not treat detox as a form of weight-loss, but instead view it as cleansing and make it a part of your healthy lifestyle.

My kids love DetoxifyBar’s Green Vegan Detox–either they drink veggies or they eat it, they clearly choose to drink it.”


10. Time for self.

There is great wisdom in the person who invented “Me-Time”.

Moms have this big tendency to give it all out to their spouse and kids. Remember that you need to recharge so you can offer more to your family. Aubrey’s form of time off are traveling alone, salon visits, and getting massage.



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