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6 Pre-Detox Tips


If you have decided to take the detox plunge, this blog post is for you.
Doing the juice fast could be one of the smartest and most essential lifestyle choices you could ever make.

While you may be aware of the detox pack that fits you, give just as much attention to the preparation before the process. It is important to prepare in advance to ensure you are ready for it.

Most of our clients prepare around 3-5 days before doing the full or light detox. Okay, let your countdown to D-day begin and consider these tips:

1. Switch to lighter nourishment.

salad-HighProtein-800There are certain kinds of food which are inclined to form a unique gel in our organs that can interfere with our system’s way of getting rid of wastes and toxins. At least 3-5 days leading up to your detox diet, try to eliminate meat, dairy products, alcohol, pastry, poultry and fish from your meal plan. Instead, up your intake of lightly steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, nuts, soups and herbal teas.


2. Spice it up!

Spices such as cayenne pepper, ginger, cinnamon, garlic and onion can tune up your excretory organs. This can prepare your body for further in-depth purifying procedures. Spice up your meals as it can also help increase your metabolism, improve blood circulation and release toxins and wastes.

3. Treat yourself with water therapy. 


Water helps flush out toxins from your body, so be sure to get into the habit of drinking a glass of water every 2 to 3 hours daily during your prep timeframe. Water therapy will keep you hydrated and will help your body get adjusted to the changes in diet it will experience in a few days.

4. Get active!


You should try to stay as active as possible during this week. Exercise helps in stimulating your blood flow and strengthening your body as you go through the forthcoming procedures and changes caused by detoxification.


5. Say goodbye to your coffee and cigars.

If you drink coffee daily, you may experience caffeine withdrawal symptoms such as headache and tiredness during your detox. You may prevent that by gradually decreasing your caffeine intake. On the other hand, cigarettes contain a lot of harmful toxins that you do not want to have days before your body cleansing. You may also experience withdrawal if you do not gradually quit from smoking before your detox. To help minimize impact of caffeine withdrawal, follow tip number 4.


6. Mentally prepare yourself. 

Aside from researching everything you need to know about your chosen cleansing process, it is essential that you prepare your mind of the changes your body will go through. One of the ways to prepare mentally is keeping a detox journal so you may track your emotions and thoughts before, during and after the detox process. Visualizing that you will finish the process is a good strategy.


Ready to boost your self-esteem as you reap results?

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